About us

This website is run by me and my fiancĂ©. Our names are Bobby Graham and Michelle Williams. Keep in mind though that for the time being it’s only going to be that’s going to post updates and share insight into the world of windstone figurines.


For those who don’t know what windstones are, they are extremely lifelike figurines of animals and mythical creatures. Sometimes they are a combination of animals and mythical creatures. For example you can find a cat with the wings of a dragon. Traditional windstones though were regular animal figurines like cats, wolves, foxes, owls, etc. Gradually sculptors started mixing things up with dragons, gargoyles and such. My favorites are dragon windstone figurines. Hence the name of this website.

On Windstone Dragon I plan on posting my experiences on searching and buying windstones figurines. Soon my fiancĂ© will join me to, as she is also a huge fan of these types of figurines. That’s it for now. Stay tuned to our blog for news articles and project updates. Cheers.