Best places to buy windstone figurines

Buying windstone figurines isn’t that easy. They aren’t exactly readily available in stores, at least they aren’t in stores near us. All of the figurines that we own were bought in two places and today I’m going to share with you what those sources are.

Where to buy windstone figurines

Best luck that I had when buying windstone figurines was of course eBay. it’s no surprise, considering how much items and how diverse selection of sellers can be found there.

Prices of the figurines are pretty high on eBay. For the most part you get them new, from the sculptors that have created them. This is perfectly fine if you ask me. What’s not OK is the carelessness of the delivery companies when delivering these types of packages. Despite the words “fragile” written all over the box, they still manage to bang up the box and in a few extreme cases we had figurines with scoffs delivered as a result of poor practices on the part of delivery companies.

The other source of windstone figurines that me and my girlfriend make use of is Craigslist. Now we don’t always find figurines for sale there, but on occasion we’ve found entire collections for quite cheap. That’s the reason why the bulk of our collection was actually purchased off of Craigslist. Advantages to buying off of Craigslist would be of course be lower prices.

That’s it, these two are the only places from where we buy windstone figurines here at Windstone Dragon. We heard good things about Amazon, so we might try that soon. Hopefully you found this useful. Hope to see you next time. Cheers.

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