Windstone figurines that I don’t like

Believe it or not, but there are windstone figurines out there that I don’t particularly enjoy looking at. Unlike my girlfriend Michele, I do not immediately like every single animal figurine of this sort.

Types of windstone figurines that I don’t like

The windstone figurines that I don’t like don’t have anything to do with their craftsmanship quality or the quality of materials. Even though poorly crafted ones do get on my nerves. Figurines that I don’t like have everything to do with the type of animals that a particular animal depicts.

What I mean by that is that I don’t like cat windstone figurines. Especially some of the hybrid ones that are being created by contemporary windstone figurine artists. An example of a cat hybrid can be seen on the image above. Figurines that are purely cats I can still get behind of. However hybrids of cats with dragon wings, snake tails and other similar combinations just seem wrong to me.

I don’t have a rational explanation for my disdain of cat windstone figurines. They are just my least favorite. Which ones do you not like? Or do you like them all.

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